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TASK IT is a Web-based SMART goal setting and task management tool that help you track and achieve goals by taking actions and constantly reviewing your progress. Perfect for businesses or busy professionals to keep track of goals, tasks and schedules. It's a goal management tool to increase productivity in your life.

A Powerful System To Keep Your Goals On Track And Get Things Done! TASK IT is a unique goal tracking solution designed to help you...

Set and visualize goals, so that you always have a clear view in mind where you are now, and which direction you are going.

Create action plans, so that you can turn your goals into reality by defining what needs to be done to move forward.

Manage daily tasks, so that you are focused on only the most important things for achieving your goals on a daily basis.

Track your time, so that you use your time wisely, get important things done first, and work less but achieve more.

Keep a journal for your goals, so that you can record your thoughts and document your efforts on your path to success.

Review and measure progress, so that you can see the instant progress on your goal whenever you complete a task, and always stay positive and feel motivated.

Build great habits, so that you can make the necessary changes in thought and behavior patterns that are required of your goals.

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