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CHANGE IT implements a formal change request management tracking process through creation, analysis, decision and implementation phases.


•Faster implementation of change through managed response times
•Improved management through clear presentation of where CRs are in the decision making process
•Time saving through automatic notification of reviews required and status changes
•Streamlined involvement of staff and external suppliers through simple web interface
•Increased control through ownership and full audit of the change process


A standard workflow has been implemented, this is customised for our clients to meet the requirements of the business process that it supports.
- Anyone with access to the system can submit a change request (CR). By default the system allows access to submit and subsequently track requests which a user has created.
- After submission a CR is reviewed by a Change Management Team member to approve its progress for impact analysis by specialists from the business areas.
- Once the impact analysis is complete a decision as to whether the CR should be implemented can be taken at the project board meeting.
- The outcome is recorded in CC Tracker and the CR passed to the appropriate office for sign-off.
- The progress of the implementation can be recorded through to completion of the CR.


Because very few organisations are identical it is easy to add any specific customer requirements to existing or new features.

Standard functions include
•Support for multiple projects
•4 standard roles – CR Entry, CR Admin, Implentor, Approver
•Simple to use forms for accurate entry and progression of the CR.
•Clear dashboard for CR Admin showing the status and timeliness of CR progress
•Email notification of state change to parties as required
•Customisable export of data
•Custom filters for CR table
•Reports showing current status and historical review of CRs
•Full audit of all changes
•Journal field to record any discussion or notes during evaluation or implementation

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